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The Beginning
VP Racing Fuels was founded by Steve Burns, who initially exhibited his aptitude for R&D in ‘the early 1970’s as a young racer in San Antonio, Texas. Self-taught in chemistry and physics, Steve was convinced the race fuel manufacturers of the day were falling short in their quest for optimum horsepower. To address this shortcoming, he began experimenting with exotic blends of fuel, much to the dismay of his parents whose garage served as Steve’s laboratory. Steve began at the local tracks of Texas, where racers tried his fuel and liked the power gains. His first fuel was christened “C12,” the word spread and Steve’s company was founded as VP Racing Fuels in 1974.

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Early Influencers
Early on, Steve met two other young Texans–Buddy Morrison and David Reher—with whom Steve conducted most of VP’s early testing and development. In a symbiotic relationship, the advancements in VP’s fuel technology spawned advancements in Reher-Morrison’s engine development, which in turn spawned more advancements in fuel technology—a continuous circle of technological innovation. VP’s first official “paying” customer was a relatively unknown drag racer named Warren Johnson, who along with Bob Glidden also contributed greatly to VP’s R&D efforts. Ultimately, each of these individuals won multiple national championships and evolved into household names in NHRA pits around the country, with C12 going on to become arguably the most successful race fuel in motorsports.

Expanding Markets
VP’s forays into the motorcycle market met with similar success, as Steve and his team worked personally with each of the factory motocross and road racing teams to develop custom blends for their applications. VP’s dominance of this market is illustrated by its fueling most of the championships in American Motorcycle Association (AMA) Pro Racing throughout the last decade. VP’s R&D team also developed fuels specifically for sanctioning bodies in Europe, including FIA (Automotive) and FIM (Motorcycle).

World Leader in Race Fuel Technology
VP is now recognized by many as the world leader in race fuel technology, with a catalog of nearly 70 fuel blends and a growing roster of VP-fueled champions across the entire spectrum of motorsports. VP’s reputation for product quality, along with superior service and technical support, helped secure its position as the Official Racing Fuel of the largest racing sanctioning body in the world–NHRA Championship Drag Racing–as well as sponsor of nearly 60 other series and sanctioning bodies, including American LeMans, American Drag Racing League (ADRL), AMA Supercross, Star Mazda, World of Outlaws Sprint Cars and World of Outlaws Late Models among many others.

Worldwide Distribution
From a single location with two employees in San Antonio, Texas, VP has grown to approximately 100 employees with four company owned and operated racing fuel distribution points in Texas, Indiana, Georgia and Delaware, as well as a regional sales office in southern California and distributorships in Florida and Kansas; Calgary, Ontario and Montreal, Canada. Each of these distribution points keeps quantities of VP fuels available for immediate transport. These locations put VP within a day’s drive of virtually any “major” racing event in North America, meaning racers and sanctioning bodies can always count on access to sufficient quantities of good quality fuel.

VP also has a distributor in Sydney, Australia, which, together with its distributor in Puerto Rico, represent VP’s first expansion outside the North American continent. VP’s distribution network now extends to Europe, Central America, Asia and the Middle East. Among its newest and fastest growing distributors are those in Bahrain, Moscow and Singapore. Together VP’s distributors support a network of more than 1500 dealers around the world.

Sustained Passion and Commitment
The passion and dedication of VP’s development team to staying on the leading edge of technology is legendary. Most of VP’s employees are or have been racers in one form or another and are driven by the competitive will to win. Together, the VP team intends to solidify its position as the true World Leader in Race Fuel Technology for years to come.

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